Conservatory Roof Styles

Conservatory Roof Styles

A Choice of Replacement Conservatory Roof Styles

Our replacement conservatory roofs can be installed alongside your brand new conservatory, or fitted on to an existing one, no matter what style it is. We offer an extensive choice of energy efficient conservatory roofs to suit your requirements. This page will help you to identify what style your existing conservatory is, or what style would best suit your home, in order to choose the right replacement roof.


The Victorian conservatory is the style that looks a little like a 50 pence piece. It is a very attractive style and is probably one of the most popular designs on the market. It can have either a 3 or 5-facet design and allows a choice of the positioning of door options. Once you replace your polycarbonate or glass conservatory roof with an energy efficient, PCL Victorian replacement conservatory roof, you will find that you’ll still have a beautiful looking conservatory which you can make full use of all year round.

Our Victorian roof is ideal both for period properties and new builds. The Victorian style conservatory with a PCL Victorian replacement conservatory roof can make such a difference to the aesthetic appearance of your home, offering you a room from which you can view your garden. You may also find that the conservatory appears as an extension of your house, as you can choose a matching tile colour to your house roof.


The Edwardian conservatory is one of the most timeless designs with a traditional appearance. Elegant and classic, choosing an energy efficient PCL Edwardian replacement conservatory roof can work wonders. The style allows a significant amount of floor space and is one of the major attractions of an Edwardian conservatory, helping you to maximise the space below with its spacious and high ceiling.

The PCL Edwardian replacement conservatory roof gives the overall impression that the fixture is an integral part of your home, blending in seamlessly with the exterior of any property. In addition to this, an energy efficient PCL Edwardian replacement conservatory roof has many benefits compared to its traditional rivals, including energy efficiency to save money on heating bills. The roof can also drastically reduce the noise levels when it rains and provides an airy and light feel to your home. Roof windows and LED lighting can be added and the plaster interior finish is often painted white to make the room even lighter.

Lean To

The energy efficient PCL Lean-To replacement conservatory roof is perfect for properties that have restricted space under the eaves, as the area may be too small or awkward to accommodate a conservatory. Since the angle of a Lean-To conservatory roof can vary, going as low as 15 degrees to fit under a bungalow roof or a higher pitch, it can be used on a terraced housing – it is ideal for many different types of properties with limited space.

Our PCL Lean-To replacement conservatory roofs can be installed with roof windows to add extra light and offer an aesthetically appealing modern look to your conservatory. Perfect as a kitchen or dining room extension, playroom or reading room; a PCL Lean-To conservatory roof gives you an enjoyable space that you can use all year round.


An Apex or Gable roof complements any home with its high vaulted roof that provides a bright and airy atmosphere. Additionally, more windows can be added to an Apex conservatory roof to make the most of the light and spacious roof area. Inspired by the roof most commonly used in your average property, an energy efficient PCL Apex replacement conservatory roof gives the appearance that the extension is an integral part of the home. The installation of a new conservatory can also add value to your property, as the conservatory will look more like part of the home rather than an afterthought.

The interior of your Apex conservatory roof is available in a range of traditional and contemporary finishes such as PVC or plaster, making the inside feels like an extension of the home too. What’s more, added features, such as LED lighting, roof windows etc, can also be considered to give your roof a bespoke and stylish look.


Lots of people have combination style conservatories. These can be tailored to your requirements and can help maximise your living space, whilst making your conservatory appear as an integral part of your home. A Lean-to can be combined with a Victorian which is known as a P-shape. Two Lean-tos and an Apex in the middle are referred to as a T-shape. A Lean –to and an Edwardian is called an L-shape.

Whatever is best for you can look fabulous with an energy efficient PCL combination replacement conservatory roof. It is a lightweight tiled roof with a warm roof system which helps keeps your room at an ambient temperature all year round. It will reduce your heating bills and is so much quieter during rainy times compared to PVC or glass roofs. So if you’re looking for a conservatory roof that suits your individual needs and think a combination roof may be for you, then why not get in touch with PCL, where we can provide a bespoke solution for any home.


Double hip conservatories are a popular choice when creating an extra useable room for the home. With a simple shape, a double hip conservatory is spacious with its double pitch design. Helping to maximise your living space, a double hip conservatory is improved tenfold by installing a double hip conservatory replacement roof.

Should you choose to have a PCL double hip replacement conservatory roof installed, you will benefit from a number of impressive features. A lightweight system that transforms the space into an energy efficient room, you can reduce your heating bills and even reduce the noise from the rain. If you’re looking for a way to enhance your double hip conservatory, we can provide a bespoke solution for you.