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Composite Doors

Composite doors that are in the market today are generally created from: GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) skin inside and outside along with a wooden frame filled up with polyurethane high density foam. The GRP utilized in order to make the external skins is an extremely good product selection. It really loves being in water. It does not move, distort, expand or absorb the water so is an excellent choice for the front of a front door. It loves getting subjected to the weather conditions. What really sets this kind of material apart is that it can easily mould in a detailed pattern. This means a genuine woodgrain pattern can be produced in to the skin so the exterior looks just like a genuine wooden door.

The actual core substance is made of high density polyurethane foam. This creates a strong, hardwearing, and durable door and is also an excellent insulator, so energy efficient. Plus, the composite door can surpass the life-span associated with both wooden and uPVC having a predicted life-span of thirty five years plus. This makes composite doors a very cost effective buy.
Composite doors offer a number of benefits for your home and if you want high quality protection as well as an attractive entrance to your house, look no further! Available in a range of 37 different door styles, 9 colour options and over 80 decorative glass designs, there are endless options for your new door. Composite doors are made from a variety of materials, chosen and put together for their unique advantages. They are incredibly popular due to our sometimes unpredictable and variable climate, as composite doors are designed to be long lasting and resistant against wear and tear, and require next to no maintenance. You can add whatever enhancements you would like to your new door, from chrome handles to security chains and spy hole viewers. Security is a big advantage when choosing a composite door. Multi-point locking comes as standard and the composition of the door means they are strong and sturdy.

Composite doors are also energy efficient and can add a great deal of style to the exterior of your home. You can achieve a timber grain effect with composite doors that gives a classic style to you house and doesn’t discolour with time. Choose from our Traditional and Contemporary ranges to find the perfect entrance to your home today.

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