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PVC-U Windows

PVC-u windows are an incredibly popular choice for homes around the country, and have been for the last few decades. The materials used to make PVC-u are perfectly suited for both window and door applications; PVC-u is highly weather resistant and does not decompose in bad weather.


Lasting up to 35 years, there are numerous benefits of having PVC-u windows installed. Not only do they look very smart, they are also manufactured to be highly secure so that your home is protected at all times. Performance-driven, windows of this kind are also energy efficient and can have a positive effect on your energy bills.


With so many different designs, you have the opportunity to choose a window style that perfectly matches your home’s existing character. From sash windows to bay windows and everything in between, the choice is yours. You also have the choice of various shapes such as triangular or even hexagonal. Our PVC-u windows are available with finishes that can add character to your home, including foiled options. This means you can achieve the appearance of a painted or vanished wooden window that is also incredibly low maintenance.


A particularly popular type of PVC-u window that we supply here at Phil Coppell Limited is the Residence9 window system. A premium option, it is designed specifically to replace the 19th century flush sash timber window. With an authentic appearance, there are a number of styles to choose from including Heritage and Bespoke. Hand-finished, Residence9 windows combine modern approaches with traditional craftsmanship.


Transform your home today with an endless choice of PVC-u windows.

Why Should You Choose A Phil Coppell PVC-U Window?

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