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Solid Roof Conservatory

Why not replace your Conservatory Roof and transform the way you live!

Are you fed up with extreme temperatures in your conservatory? Then you need to consider a Solid Roof Conservatory. 

The other day a gentleman telephoned to say that the temperature outside was 20 degrees yet inside his conservatory it was 40 degrees! So, he called us for help! He had been researching into solid conservatory roofs and came across us – PCL, the longest established company manufacturing and installing the full replacement, energy-efficient lightweight tiled roof.
The solid tiled roof has revolutionised the conservatory industry over the last 11 years or so. No longer do you need to close up your conservatory in the winter when the room is too cold, nor do you need to keep away from it in summer when the room is unbearably hot. This energy efficient solid tiled roof with its amazing insulating properties totally changes the conservatory, so it remains at an ambient temperature all year round.

The stylish solid tiled roof can be placed on an existing conservatory or a new build. You can choose the lightweight yet solid tile to match the rest of your home. We offer a variety of colours and finishes. Choose either a galvanised steel shingle or a slate appearance in a range of colours including browns, grey, black, red, green and even plum! The look creates a seamless blend from the rest of your house. Not only will you be the envy of your friends, the roof can also look like an extension and at a fraction of the cost, and a much quicker installation and less mess than a full blown extension!
Meanwhile, the interior when plastered and painted white allows light to reflect into the room. Add some roof windows and even bi-folding doors and you will totally open up your conservatory, bringing the outside in.

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