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An orangery can be viewed as an alternative to the conservatory, with different features designed to expand your living space. The original orangeries years ago were noted as a symbol of high social status as well as wealth, but now they are the perfect solution to ensure your home is a modern structure with plenty of room for the family.


Orangeries are often built using brick pillars, providing substantially more privacy than a conservatory. The team here at Phil Coppell Limited will ensure each orangery is built to your requirements, making the structure appear as though it’s always been a part of your home. Whether you are choosing to expand your kitchen or living area, each orangery is unique and can be built to a number of different dimensions.


Orangeries are a very popular choice, but they are not without important consideration. It often comes down to your own personal taste, but bear in mind that if you choose an orangery, you will need planning permission.


At PCL, our expert team are able to help you throughout the whole process, making sure you have an orangery that is designed to your specific needs. Managing your project from beginning to end, you can sit back and watch your orangery unfold.


To take a look at the type of orangeries we can create for your home, check out our gallery.

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